Social responsibility

We have made social and environmental standards our standard. Everywhere

Our corporate philosophy is characterised by a spirit of partnership, community and fairness. We have therefore set ourselves social and ecological standards. Fundamental to our business are the guidelines set out by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). These ensure fair production conditions, free trade and a sustainable supply chain.

Together with our suppliers, we implement strict adherence to the standards and requirements of the BSCI. The code of conduct specified therein serves as the standard against which we measure our actions. It comprises social responsibility activities in relation to fair business practices, as well as transparency, reporting and information.

The aims and requirements of the BSCI include, among others:

  • Improving social standards in supplier countries
  • Observing all valid national laws, industrial minimum standards, ILO and UN conventions as well as all other relevant legal provisions
  • Prohibiting child labour
  • Prohibiting forced labour and disciplinary measures, such as the confiscation of passports or physical punishment
  • Allowing the freedom of association and right to collective bargaining – otherwise facilitating parallel means of independent and free organisation
  • Eliminating discrimination in employment, remuneration, access to training, promotion, termination of employment or retirement

For a complete overview of the BSCI requirements and objectives and the more than 1,500 member companies, please visit

  • Payment of the statutory minimum wage for regular working hours, overtime hours and overtime differentials or payment of reasonable remuneration if the statutory minimum wage does not cover living expenses
  • Compliance with guidelines for working hours
  • Guaranteeing health and safety in the workplace
  • Compliance with legal minimum requirements in relation to environmental and safety issues
  • Providing a management system to ensure compliance with the BSCI requirements

Finally, we have agreed to implement the "Detox" requirements proposed by Greenpeace by 2020. We will endeavour to replace any harmful substances in our textiles with non-toxic substances. Crönert is committed, economically successful and both socially and ecologically fair.

Quality assurance is our back-up for developing marketable and competitive products.