Welcome to the world of stockings.

Nowadays, stockings are no longer purely functional attire. They make fashion statements. In these few centimetres between the hemline and the shoe, Crönert is helping to shape the fashion world. This is because Crönert offers socks, stockings, over-knees and leg warmers for women, men, children and babies. There are no limits in terms of design either. Coarse and fine structures, block or patterns of all kinds: we sell stockings in every shape and colour.

For more than 60 years, Crönert has been one of the best-known knitted stocking manufacturers and importers in Europe. Our expertise in fashion, design and colour combinations, as well as our reliability in terms of quality, punctuality and innovation, secures the loyalty of our customers. To handle the growing demands of the global market, we joined the Wünsche Group in 2015. This provides us with access to a strong partner who helps us to satisfy our customers' wishes as faithfully as possible.

We supply exclusively to retail and not to consumers.