A success story

When a milliner’s son noticed that his father was barely able to earn any money due to lack of demand, he looked for another profession. The son realised that selling stockings could be a very lucrative business indeed. That son was Carl-Heinz Crönert, who founded his own company selling hosiery in 1949. The company's first branch opened at the Adolphs bridge in Hamburg and quickly became so successful that a factory was opened in Italy in 1966. This location created an immediate proximity to the knitted stocking industry in Brescia and the fashion industry in Milan.

Since then, we have continued to evolve and adapt to the demands of the market, ultimately joining the Wünsche Group in mid-2015. Today, the company with over 60 years of market experience is led by the second generation of the family and is one of the best-known knitted stocking manufacturers and importers in Europe.

Our strength is our adaptability.