Between the Hanseatic City and the Fashion Metropolis

Our sites are located on the one hand in Hamburg, Germany, and on the other hand in Brescia, Italy. The head office in the trading city of Hamburg with its international port is ideal for coordinating the flow of goods and for managing the constantly changing logistical challenges.

Brescia, however, in the direct proximity to the fashion metropolis of Milan, is at the heart of the knitted stocking industry and knitted stocking machinery manufacturers. This makes Brescia the perfect location for the creative development of new products, styles and colour patterns. Our technicians in Brescia are responsible for the technical instructions, production approvals and ongoing quality checks for our orders.

Our branches each have their own local specialisms.

Head Office

Wünsche Group
Domstrasse 19
20095 Hamburg

Phone:  +49 (40) 333 12-0
Fax:       +49 (40) 333 12-298