Everything From A Single Source

Our ambition is to be able to offer high-quality goods at low prices. Creativity and excellent quality make our products impressive. This is thanks to our employees in Brescia, who design new products with both passion and creativity and bring them to life with the help of our production partners.

The entire commercial management side comes together at our site in Hamburg. This is where, by checking the process steps, the completion of orders is guaranteed entirely in line with our customers' wishes. Crönert therefore also takes responsibility for the entire order handling process. 

Original and high-quality products are our passion.


motivated / passionate / entrepreneurial We work at the highest level in every sector. Full of motivation and enthusiasm, we seize the initiative and drive the world of trade forwards. Quality, professionalism as well as our market and goal-oriented behaviour shape the way we think and act.


hanseatic / independent / innovative Retaining the value of our company over the long-term is the nub of our independence. Our sights are therefore fixed firmly on the future to ensure tomorrow's innovative solutions. If we see opportunities to strengthen the company, we take them. We treat partners and clients with respect.


positive / optimistic / courageous Our success is based on the strong motivation shown by all the employees of the Wünsche Group. We translate "dynamic" as a "passion for new challenges", which are tackled and overcome in a confident and effective fashion – our work inspires us.


reliable / authentic / cooperative Communication is clear and straightforward – getting to the point without the unnecessary waffle. This authenticity makes us unambiguous. At the same time we treat everyone with respect, since our reliability is based on fairness and trust.